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Luke messer interview

Donnelly cozies up to Schumer days after Schumer Shutdown

INDIANAPOLIS (Friday, Jan. 26, 2018) — Senator Joe Donnelly continues to cozy up to Chuck Schumer, despite his partisan antics that recently shut down the government and held our military hostage.

Schumer’s throwing a fundraiser for Donnelly and other “vulnerable” Democrats tomorrow in Houston, which Donnelly is expected to attend.

“Apparently, the Schumer Shutdown gave the Democrats plenty of time to make fundraising calls,” said Chasen Bullock, Messer’s Campaign Manager . “Joe Donnelly should be calling for new leadership and an end to Schumer’s partisan antics, but instead he’s lining his pockets.”

Even fellow Democrats are criticizing Senator Schumer’s leadership and strategy that led the Democrats to shut down the government while prioritizing 700,000 non-US citizens in the DACA program over nine million children who rely on the CHIP program for insurance.

But don’t worry Senator Schumer, Joe Donnelly has your back.

Unfortunately for them, Hoosiers are starting to catch on.

According to the most recent ratings, Donnelly’s approval is on a downslide, dropping 7 points since the first quarter of 2017. Donnelly’s net approval dropped 11 points among independents and 12 points among Republicans

While the Chuck and Joe Show was planning to shut down the government, Luke Messer was winning the biggest grassroots straw poll in Indiana and becoming the first candidate in the Republican Primary to qualify for the ballot .

“Hoosiers are beginning to see through the Joe Donnelly charade,” Bullock said. “Luke Messer is proving that he’s the candidate to take on Joe Donnelly, fight for Indiana families and vote with Hoosiers 100 percent of the time.”