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Luke messer interview

Donnelly’s Silence On Discrimination Still Unexplained

Today Luke Messer once again called out Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly for not speaking up and defending Notre Dame Professor Amy Coney Barrett when she was attacked for her Catholic faith by his Democrat colleagues.
Despite attempted obstruction by Senate Democrats, Professor Barrett was confirmed today to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals – the second highest court in the land for federal cases that come from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.
“Joe Donnelly’s vote today to confirm Professor Barrett does not erase his silence when she was attacked by his Democrat colleagues for her Catholic faith,” Messer said. “Senator Donnelly’s unwillingness to condemn these remarks, stand up for his fellow Hoosier and defend religious liberty is just further proof he’s out of step with the Hoosiers who sent him to Washington.”
Two months ago during her confirmation hearing, Professor Barrett’s devotion as a practicing Catholic was attacked by liberal Senators Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Sanders, Dick Durbin and Al Franken.
Senator Feinstein expressed opposition to Barrett’s Catholicism, saying “the dogma lives loudly within you.” Senator Durbin questioned her ability to judge cases fairly based on her faith, and Senator Franken told her bluntly “I question your judgment.”
Messer immediately urged Donnelly to condemn these remarks and return the $25,000 in campaign contributions he received from Senators Feinstein and Durbin. However, Donnelly refused to return the contributions or condemn the marks. Instead, he simply acknowledged  that he would have “steered clear of that line of questioning.”