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Hoosier conservative leader Jim Bopp endorses Luke Messer for U.S. Senate

Longtime National Right to Life general counsel and former Republican National Committee Vice Chairman, Jim Bopp, endorsed U.S. Congressman Luke Messer today in his campaign for the United States Senate.

“I know a conservative fighter when I see one, and Luke Messer is that fighter. For decades, Luke and I have worked side by side in Indiana to advance the conservative cause. We need someone like Luke, with his proven record as a pro-life, pro-gun conservative, serving Indiana in the U.S. Senate,” Bopp stated. “Luke would be an important partner with President Trump and Vice President Pence to preserve our constitutional republic.”

A lifelong constitutional conservative, Jim Bopp has spent his career as a tireless advocate for the conservative movement, arguing cases across the country and in the U.S. Supreme Court on the movement’s behalf. Mr. Bopp is a nationally recognized conservative expert on 1st Amendment issues. And, as general counsel for the National Right to Life Committee, Mr. Bopp is one of the principle legal strategists for the pro-life movement.

“Luke’s record in the House proves his commitment to Hoosiers,” Bopp continued. “He has voted to build the wall along the Southern border, repeal and replace Obamacare, get rid of unnecessary government regulations that crush hard-working Americans, slash wasteful spending, and enact immigration laws that work for the citizens of our country. There’s no doubt that in the Senate he will defend our country and stand up for the 1.5 million Hoosiers who voted for real change.”

“It is an honor to have Jim Bopp’s support,” Messer stated. “Jim is my friend and a proven fighter for the conservative cause in Indiana. His decades of service for the pro-life movement, his landmark work on behalf of the 1st Amendment, and his consistent advocacy for Hoosier values and principles in front of the Supreme Court are unmatched. Jim joins a growing list of Hoosier leaders who are dedicated to electing a U.S. Senator who votes with hardworking Hoosiers 100 percent of the time. I sincerely thank him for his endorsement.”

Messer officially launched his campaign for United States Senate during the 6th Annual Messer Family BBQ in Morristown, Indiana, on Saturday, Aug. 12. A press release about his Senate launch is available link here. PHOTOS from the event are available link here.