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I am unapologetically pro-life because all human life has dignity and should be protected, especially the lives of the defenseless unborn. As a long-time defender of life with a 100% pro-life voting record, I have worked tirelessly to protect the unborn and ensure none of your tax dollars are ever used to carry out abortions.

Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental freedom guaranteed by our Constitution. History has shown that gun bans don’t work. All they do is chip away at our Second Amendment rights. I am proud of my A rating from the NRA and will always fight to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms.


Hoosiers are tired of endless debate and zero action on Obamacare. It is not OK that the Senate has failed to act after seven years of promises. Everyday Hoosiers continue to struggle with rising costs, fewer options, and government-mandated taxes and fees. Obamacare is a tax on middle and low-income Hoosiers, plain and simple, and it must be repealed.

Immigration and Border Security

We can’t continue to reward people who come to our country illegally, while those who work hard and play by the rules struggle to get ahead. It’s long past time to build a wall, secure our border, crack down on sanctuary cities, end tax credits for illegal immigrants and return to rule of law in America.

Jobs and the Economy

For generations, we’ve called it the American Dream, but it’s really the American Promise. If you work hard in America, you have the chance to succeed. Unfortunately, for many Hoosiers, that promise no longer rings true. We need a renewed focus on improving opportunity for everyday working people. To do that, we need to cut taxes for hardworking Hoosiers, roll back burdensome regulations, and get our economy moving again.

Defense and National Security

The federal government’s first job is to protect its citizens. To keep our country secure, we must aggressively combat radical Islamic extremism at home and abroad. That means giving our troops the resources they need to do their jobs and supporting our allies around the globe. We must put an end to dangerous across-the-board budget cuts and restore desperately needed funding for our men and women in uniform.


Americans need a tax cut and a tax code that is simpler, fairer and easier to understand. Washington bureaucrats have changed the tax code more than 5,000 times. They’ve created deductions for special interests and tax credits for illegal immigrants, yet somehow forgetting about the American worker. I’m fighting for a tax plan that will lower tax rates, nearly double the standard deduction for America’s hardworking families, and enhance the Child Tax Credit. These are exactly the changes that are needed to bring back jobs from overseas and keep the economy growing.

Debt and Budget

It’s no secret our budget process is broken and the spending path we’re on is unsustainable. For generations now, Washington has wasted your hard-earned tax dollars and racked-up a massive national debt totaling more than $20 trillion. It’s time to shake up the status quo, balance our budgets, and pay down our debt. Hoosiers know we cannot keep spending money we don’t have – our children and grandchildren deserve better.


Our economy and Hoosier taxpayers are being crushed by endless and often unnecessary federal regulations. Washington’s bureaucratic actions have tied up American business, stifled ingenuity, and raised prices on consumers. If we want to create a growing economy, we must cut back on unnecessary regulations. That’s why I’ve authored legislation to eliminate two regulations for every one new regulation proposed.


As part of our enduring commitment to our men and women in uniform, we must do all we can to support America’s veterans. That’s why I strongly supported reforms to the VA, championed legislation to restore GI Bill benefits to students affected by the closure of ITT Tech, and fought for expanded choice options so veterans can go to the doctor of their choosing. I am committed to helping the men and women who fought for our Nation by working to ensure veterans and their families get the benefits they deserve.

School Choice

As a proud father of three public school children, a lifelong activist, and a public servant, I am dedicated to ensuring every child in American has access to a first-class education, regardless of their zip code. The best way to do that is by rolling back the federal education bureaucracy and returning power to parents and local educators. I’ve championed school choice policies in Indiana and at the federal level so that Hoosier parents – not Washington bureaucrats – can decide what’s best for their kids.