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Kosciusko County Ink Free News: Messer For Senate

At an event earlier this year, Rep. Luke Messer gave a speech to the IU College Republicans.  There, he said that in the Republican primary, he said that the party must send forward its best candidate to face Joe Donnelly in the general election.  Without a doubt, the right man for the job is Congressman Messer.  Of the candidates, Messer is the best candidate to both win the election and fulfill the party’s platform.  Once elected, he will work to reform health care, grow the economy and reduce spending.

As Messer has noted, the senate is broken.  Spending is out of control, the tax code is in need of an overhaul, and the seven-year promise to repeal Obamacare needs realized.  If elected, Messer has promised to do exactly that and has been a strong supporter of each position during his time in the House.  In addition, he is a longtime advocate for increased school choice.  He is the perfect man to represent the GOP in November.

The election this year will be fierce.  Donnelly will have the party’s full support this election cycle.  It is in the best interest for the Republican Party to send forward the best prepared candidate.  Messer has been involved in state politics for two decades so he understands the state and its needs.  All of this makes him an imposing force in both the primary and the general and the better option for the party to send forward.

Brett Heinisch,