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Luke Messer discusses important issues in US Senate race

Indiana representative Luke Messer, is officially running for a chance at Senator Joe Donnelly’s seat. First he’ll have to beat our Representatives Todd Rokita and Mike Braun, businessman Terry Henderson, and Andrew Takami.

Representative Messer has been in the House of Representatives, since 2013. Since then he’s worked on many bills, and has served on the House Financial Services and House Education & Workforce committees.

He says it’s that background that would benefit him to springboard to the Senate, if elected.

“I believe that Hoosiers deserve a U.S. Senator who votes 100 percent of the time with them. not somebody who talks Hoosier when they’re back home and frankly votes with the liberal leadership often in Washington,” said Messer.

Rep. Messer has had a clear stance on health care, saying it’s time to pull the trigger, literally, and have a trigger vote to repeal Obamacare, without a replacement.

“It’s important that any transition that takes place happens overtime so that no one gets the rug pulled out from underneath them,” said Messer.

He stated that the health care debate is forcing Hoosiers to spend too much money on insurance costs, and hopes the success from HIIP 2.0 can be brought to the national level.

“What we want to do with our healthcare legislation is provide that same kind of flexibility around the country so that other states have that same opportunity,” said Messer.

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