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Luke Messer files to run for US Senate

(Your Local Election Headquarters) – On Wednesday, Luke Messer filed to run for United States Senate.

Messer, a Republican, is running for the seat currently held by Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.

“I’m running for U.S. Senate to defeat Joe Donnelly and give Hoosiers a Senator who will fight for Indiana’s families and pass the Trump-Pence agenda,” Messer said. “Unfortunately, the U.S. Senate is broken and failing the American people. Joe Donnelly is a big part of the problem. Joe tells us he’s working with the President, but time and again he votes with Washington liberals to obstruct the Trump agenda. Hoosiers deserve a Senator who votes with us 100% of the time.”

Here are the other Republicans running for the seat:

  • Mike Braun
  • Terry Henderson
  • Mark Hurt
  • Luke Messer
  • Todd Rokita
  • Kiel Stone
  • Andrew Takami
  • Andy Horning

Here are the other Democrats running for the seat:

  • Joe Donnelly
  • Bill Bowser
  • Martin Del Rio