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Luke Messer Issues Statement on Senate Dems’ Shutdown Threat

INDIANAPOLIS (Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018) – Luke Messer today issued the following statement about the Senate Democrats’ threat to shutdown the government.

“The House did its job and voted to keep the government open,” Messer said. “Now both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate need to do their jobs and implement the President’s agenda. Unfortunately, this liberal minority in the U.S. Senate would rather play politics by shutting down the government and holding our troops hostage.”

“Last chance to keep the government open. If Senate Democrats shut the government down, then they shouldn’t get to keep the filibuster. It’s time we change the rules to a simple majority in the Senate and move on without them,” Messer said.

Messer recently launched his plan to fix the broken U.S. Senate. His three-step plan includes 1) Ending the filibuster 2) Speeding up the Presidential nomination process and 3) Imposing term limits.

“President Trump and conservatives in the House are doing our part to repeal Obamacare, secure the border, balance the budget, strengthen our military and roll back regulations … but in every case the U.S. Senate is where good ideas go to die,” Messer says in his new video. “The Senate is broken. We can do better.”