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Luke Messer Launches Reform Plan to Fix Broken U.S. Senate

INDIANAPOLIS (Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018) – Luke Messer today launched a reform plan to fix the broken U.S. Senate, which he says is the biggest impediment to passing the Trump-Pence agenda Hoosiers voted for.
Messer’s reform plan comes as the Senate GOP this week acknowledged they may abandon budget reconciliation in 2018, effectively handing over their agenda to the Democrats. Because of its arcane rules, reconciliation is the only way the Senate can pass agenda items with a simple majority instead of a 60-vote filibuster proof majority, like they did with tax cuts.
“President Trump and conservatives in the House are doing our part to repeal Obamacare, secure the border, balance the budget, strengthen our military and roll back regulations … but in every case the U.S. Senate is where good ideas go to die,” Messer says in a new video ad. “The Senate is broken. We can do better.”
While the House has passed 477 bills to advance the Trump-Pence agenda, 378 of those bills are stalled in the broken Senate. Nearly 200 Trump administration appointments are being held up in the Senate, and the judicial confirmation process for President Trump’s nominees is taking longer than any other President’s in recent history.
Messer’s three-step reform plan to fix the broken Senate which he lays out in his new ad includes:
1.    Getting rid of the filibuster
2.    Speeding up the judicial nomination process
3.    Imposing term limits in the Senate
“Indiana’s Senator Joe Donnelly and other Senate Democrats have obstructed the President’s agenda since day one, by delaying Trump administration appointments and refusing to advance hundreds of conservative bills passed by the House,” Messer said. “Let’s give Indiana a Senator who votes for Hoosiers and America a Senate that works.”
You can watch Messer’s new video ad here.