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Luke Messer Makes His Way To Evansville As Part Of His Campaign

An Indiana congressman makes his way to Evansville as he ramps up efforts for his campaign. Luke Messer represents Indiana’s 6th Congressional District. He is also one of a handful of republicans seeking his party’s nomination to face Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly in the 2018 election.

Messer says he knows he has to defeat several fellow republicans before he faces Donnelly, but he says his campaign is focused on the incumbent.

Messer said, “Hoosiers want a U.S. Senator who will vote with them 100% of the time, not just someone who talks Hoosier when they are back home in Indiana, and then votes with their liberal leadership in Washington. Joe Donnelly was the tie breaking vote to keep the status quo with Obamacare. That’s bad for Indiana families. That’s out of step with working Hoosiers.”

Messer said he is in favor of repealing and replacing Obamacare, not just repealing it. He said he would like to see requirements about coverage for people with pre-existing conditions remain in any new legislation.

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