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Luke Messer Receives Tidal Wave of Support from Hamilton County Leaders

INDIANAPOLIS (Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017) — Luke Messer’s campaign for United States Senate today announced the support of 30 elected officials from Hamilton County – the highest plurality Republican-voting county in the state.

Messer’s endorsements include Congresswoman Susan Brooks, State Representative Todd Huston, all three County Commissioners, the mayors of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Westfield, as well as 21 other county, city and township elected officials.

No other candidate in the six-way race for the Republican nomination has received this many elected officials’ endorsements from any county in the state. The announcement comes after Messer raised more money from contributors than all five of his Republican opponents combined in the last quarterly FEC filing.

“I’m honored to receive support from so many outstanding leaders in Hamilton County who are working hard every day to improve our communities and deliver positive results for Hoosiers,” Messer said.

“Luke Messer has the momentum in this race,” said Chasen Bullock, Messer’s Campaign Manager. “Hoosier leaders across Indiana are joining Luke’s campaign because they know he can defeat Joe Donnelly and shake up the broken U.S. Senate.”

Here’s what some of the Hamilton County leaders had to say:

“Luke Messer is the best candidate to put this U.S. Senate seat back in the Republican column. He’s a strong conservative who gets things done for our state. I know he will take Hoosier common sense to the U.S. Senate,” said Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear.

“Luke Messer has a track record of results and has been a key part of advancing commonsense Republican reforms in Indiana over the last several years, including balancing Indiana’s budget, cutting taxes and improving educational outcomes for Hoosier kids,” said State Representative Todd Huston.

Rep. Susan Brooks announced her endorsement of Luke Messer in September. She also announced she would serve as Honorary Chair of “Women Like Luke” – a statewide team of women supporters focused on electing Luke Messer to the U.S. Senate.

“Luke is a proven conservative, but more than that, he is a respected and skillful leader who builds the relationships necessary to get our shared priorities enacted into law,” Congresswoman Brooks said at the time of her endorsement. “His principles and strong communication skills have made him a go-to leader in the House, and those same attributes will enable Luke to deliver results when he arrives in the U. S. Senate.”

The 30 Hamilton County elected officials who have endorsed Luke Messer for U.S. Senate include:

Westfield City Councilor Jim Ake
Hamilton County Commissioner Christine Altman
Fishers City Councilor Rich Block
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard
Congresswoman Susan Brooks
Fishers City Councilor Cecilia Coble
Westfield Mayor Andy Cook
Fishers City Councilor Brad DeReamer
Hamilton County Commissioner Steve Dillinger
Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear
Delaware Township Trustee Debbie Driskell
Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness
Sheridan Town Councilor Steve Fisher
Fishers City Councilor David George
Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt
Hamilton County Councilor Jeff Hern
Hamilton County Councilor Amy Massillamany
State Representative Todd Huston
Noblesville City Councilor Chris Jensen
Carmel City Councilor Bruce Kimball
Westfield City Councilor Chuck Lehman
Fishers City Councilor Eric Moeller
Noblesville City Councilor Greg O’Connor
Fishers City Councilor Pete Peterson
Hamilton County Councilor Steve Schwartz
Fishers City Councilor Selina Stoller
Washington Township Trustee Danielle Tolan
Fishers City Councilor John Weingardt
Noblesville City Councilor Megan Wiles
Fishers City Councilor Todd Zimmerman