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Luke Messer Urges Joe Donnelly to Support Tax Cuts Ahead of VP Pence Visit to Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017) — Luke Messer again urged Senator Joe Donnelly to support tax cuts for Hoosiers, ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s tax reform roundtable in Indiana today.
For weeks now, Senator Donnelly has failed to give Hoosiers an answer on whether he will support President Trump’s tax cut plan. In Congress, Senator Donnelly has voted against tax cuts at least 30 times.
“Cutting taxes for middle-class families is the best way to give hardworking Hoosiers a pay raise,” Messer said. “Tax cuts are a key piece of the Trump-Pence agenda, and we cannot allow the broken U.S. Senate to stand in the way. Senator Joe Donnelly needs to get on board and vote with Hoosiers on tax relief.”
Messer said Senator Joe Donnelly and the broken U.S. Senate will be the biggest impediments to delivering tax cuts for Hoosiers.
“For months, the broken U.S. Senate has blocked President Trump’s agenda, and Joe Donnelly is part of the problem,” Messer said. “Senator Donnelly was the deciding vote against repealing Obamacare. If Joe Donnelly wants to prove to Hoosiers he can get something done, supporting tax cuts is his chance.”