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Luke Messer Wins Indiana GOP Straw Poll

INDIANAPOLIS (Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018) – Luke Messer today won the Indiana Republican Party’s U.S. Senate Straw Poll, coming in 20 points ahead of his five primary opponents.

Messer led the field with 45 percent of the vote. Results of the Straw Poll held today at the Congress of Counties in Indianapolis are as follows:

  • Luke Messer — 147 votes out of 326 — 45% of the vote
  • Todd Rokita — 82 votes out of 326 — 25% of the vote
  • Mike Braun — 36 votes out of 326 — 11% of the vote
  • Mark Hurt — 29 votes out of 326 — 9% of the vote
  • Andrew Takami — 20 votes out of 326 — 6% of the vote
  • Andrew Horning — 12 votes out of 326 — 4% of the vote

More than 320 Congress of Counties attendees from all across the state voted in the Straw Poll, after hearing remarks from all six primary candidates for U.S. Senate and participating in a weekend of trainings focused on defeating Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly in 2018.

“Congratulations to our State Party on an outstanding event focused on uniting Hoosiers to defeat Joe Donnelly,” Messer said. “We’re excited by the momentum in our campaign and the grassroots support we’re receiving from all across the state. Together, we will win this election, defeat Joe Donnelly and put the broken U.S. Senate back to work for Hoosiers.”

Messer has won all three polls taken in the U.S. Senate primary race thus far. Last month, he won both the Grassroots Conservatives straw poll and the IndyPolitics poll.

This week, Messer launched his 3-step plan to fix the broken U.S. Senate and pass the Trump-Pence agenda.