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Luke Messer Senate

Messer Calls on Donnelly, U.S. Senate to Pass Balanced Budget

INDIANAPOLIS (Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017) — Luke Messer today urged Senator Joe Donnelly and the U.S. Senate to pass the House’s conservative, balanced budget.
The House budget, which Messer voted to pass last week, cuts $203 billion in mandatory spending, calls for work requirements for food stamps, rolls back big government, balances and paves the way for the President’s tax cut plan.
The U.S. Senate has failed to pass the House budget, along with 286 other bills passed by the House.
Messer called on Indiana’s Senator Joe Donnelly to work with his colleagues in the Senate to do their job and pass the same balanced budget the House passed.
“Hoosiers balance their checkbooks. They deserve a federal government that balances its checkbook, too,”  Messer  said. “President Trump is working with Congress to control spending and cut taxes, but once again the Senate is standing in the way.”
“The Senate is broken, and both parties are to blame,”  Messer  said. “Senator Joe Donnelly and his Senate colleagues continue to block President Trump’s agenda. It’s simple: pass the same balanced budget we passed in the House, and prove to Hoosiers you’re part of the solution NOT the problem.”