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Messer calls on Joe Donnelly to support the Fighting Irish

INDIANAPOLIS (Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018) – Luke Messer is calling on Senator Joe Donnelly to put the college “rivalry” attacks aside and join him against ESPN’s political correctness crusade.

Earlier today, Luke Messer attacked ESPN host Max Kellerman’s political correctness tirade to change the “Fighting Irish” mascot because it may be offensive by saying:

“This is political correctness gone crazy,” Messer said. “The Fighting Irish mascot represents the fighting spirit of Notre Dame’s sports teams over the last century. Clearly, ESPN has lost its mind. They’ve given up on sports and now only care about being politically correct. They ought to change their name to ESPC.”

Hours later, Joe Donnelly’s campaign attacked Messer saying:

“Wabash football players once made a name for themselves by beating Notre Dame on the football field, but now it seems their alumni are seeking attention by trying to yell about them on twitter. Sadly for Congressman Messer, anyone looking for a Senator who’ll be a good steward of the Fighting Irish’s legacy will probably vote for the two-time graduate of Notre Dame, Joe Donnelly.”

Now, Luke Messer is calling on Senator Joe Donnelly to stand with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot.

“Senator Donnelly do you think the Fighting Irish nickname should be changed? This isn’t hard, stand up for your two-time alma mater against ESPN and the PC police.”

The BIG Question…

“Why is Senator Joe Donnelly’s campaign attacking Luke Messer for defending the Fighting Irish mascot? Is Joe Donnelly too “moderate” to even defend his alma mater?” said Chasen Bullock, Messer Campaign Manager.