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Messer Campaign Airs “Forgotten Men and Women” Ad

INDIANAPOLIS (Tuesday, April 3, 2018) – Luke Messer’s campaign for U.S. Senate released its third TV ad today: ” Forgotten Men and Women. “
The ad centers around President Trump’s promise to deliver for “the forgotten men and women of this country.” It’s this message that resonated with Luke’s blue collar upbringing and led him to vote for Donald Trump in the Indiana Primary.
Luke Messer was raised by a single mom, Chris Messer, who supported her two sons by working at the Delta Faucet Factory in Greensburg, Indiana. The steady job was a staple for the family. When he was old enough, Luke started working to help out the family with jobs like collecting garbage, detasseling corn, bailing hay and umpiring baseball games.
The 30-second spot opens with a clip of President Trump saying, “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,” then pans to Luke and his mom Chris Messer at their home in Greensburg.
“You know who he’s talking about… people like my mom,” Messer says in the ad. “She worked at the Delta Faucet Factory, raised me and my brother by herself. That’s why I back the Trump agenda in Congress. It’s Pro-Family, Pro-Life and Pro-America with no apologies.”
Messer has the highest Trump rating  of all of his opponents in the U.S. Senate race. All three of Messer’s TV ads feature his support for the Presid ent’s agenda and focus on pro-family values.
The new ad began airing today and is supported by a mid six-figure TV and Digital buy.
Watch the ad HERE .