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Messer Campaign Rolls Out First TV Ad “Our Dad”

INDIANAPOLIS (Thursday, March 8, 2018) – Luke Messer’s campaign for U.S. Senate rolled out its first TV ad today, titled “Our Dad.”

The 30-second spot is narrated by Luke’s daughters, Emma and Ava, who tell voters the truth about their dad before the “Fake News” ads take over.

Luke is a conservative and a supporter of President Trump’s agenda. He’s running to change the Senate and he lives his values. The Messer family’s motto is “Family first. Country always. Faith forever.”

The TV and Digital ad begins today with a six-figure buy. It kicks off Luke Messer’s message to Republican voters that he’s the candidate who will fight for Indiana’s families and pass the Trump agenda.

Watch the ad HERE.


Emma Messer: “Before you know it your TV will be jammed with the news about the Senate race.”

Ava Messer: “You mean fake news?”

Emma: “That too. That’s why we’re here to give you the truth about our dad, Luke Messer. He’s a conservative, a big advocate for President Trump’s agenda.”

Ava: “You see him on TV… we hear it every day in the car on the way to school.”

Emma: “‘We gotta change the Senate, Ava!’ He lives his values every single day.”

Ava: “Family first. Country always. Faith forever.”

Emma: “That’s why he’s a great dad and why he’ll be a great Senator, too.”

Luke Messer: “I’m Luke Messer and I approve this message.”