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Luke messer interview

Messer Comments on Joe Donnelly’s North Korea Speech

Messer Comments on Joe Donnelly’s North Korea Speech

WASHINGTON — Congressman Luke Messer issued the following statement today following Senator Joe Donnelly’s speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate yesterday calling for more action on North Korea:

“I commend Joe Donnelly on his “courageous” speech on North Korea yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s four years too late. Joe had virtually nothing to say about North Korea for the past several years, while the Obama administration allowed this mess to fester. Now, because it’s a politically expedient way to criticize President Trump and appease his liberal base, Joe Donnelly fakes outrage. Where was the outrage while President Obama sat idly by? President Trump inherited a mess in North Korea, and he’s trying to clean it up and protect America. I’m committed to working with him to get that done. I do agree it’s long past time to get tough on nations that continue to prop up North Korea’s regime, and I appreciate President Trump’s moral clarity that America will not accept a world in which North Korea can reach American shores with nuclear weapons.”