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Messer Raises $735K in Third Quarter

Funding Dominated by Hoosier Support and Donations

INDIANAPOLIS – Luke Messer’s United States Senate campaign announced today it raised nearly $735,000 in the third quarter and will report over $2.4 million cash on hand.

Messer’s fundraising this quarter was dominated by Hoosier grassroots support. With nearly 1,000 contributions and over 80% of them coming from within Indiana, it’s clear Luke Messer has emerged as the choice for conservative Hoosiers.

“I’m honored and humbled to have the support of so many Hoosiers from every region of the state,” said Luke Messer.

This cycle, Luke Messer has raised $2.26 million, outpacing the Indiana gold standard set by Senator Todd Young who reported $2.16 million at this point in 2015. Additionally, Messer’s third-quarter outpaced Senator Young’s, who ended the quarter with $721,000 raised.

“Senator Joe Donnelly and those in the broken U.S. Senate stand in the way of commonsense conservative reforms,” said Luke Messer. “Hoosiers need a U.S. Senator who will vote with them 100% of the time. It’s time we repeal Obamacare, secure our border, and pass tax reform and a balanced budget.”

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