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Messer: Senator Donnelly doesn’t get it; Trump strategy in North Korea is clear

INDIANAPOLIS (Wednesday, March 14, 2018) – Senator Joe Donnelly is criticizingPresident Trump’s strategy in North Korea, despite the rogue regime signaling an unprecedented willingness to discuss denuclearization.

Donnelly said Tuesday the President’s efforts “lack strategy,” joining a chorus of Democrat critics of the President including Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“Senator Donnelly doesn’t get it. President Trump’s strategy on North Korea is clear. The U.S. will not tolerate any North Korean action that threatens the lives of Americans,” Messer said. “President Trump’s strong, decisive leadership has led to more progress than we saw during the entire Obama administration, and has the potential to lead to a denuclearized Korean peninsula. Instead of scoring points with Elizabeth Warren and other liberal allies in Washington, Senator Donnelly should be working with President Trump to make America more secure.”

Messer called out Donnelly for once again putting politics ahead of country.

“Senator Donnelly had virtually nothing to say while President Obama’s feckless ‘strategic patience’ policy allowed North Korea to amass its nuclear arsenal and test four nuclear bombs under his watch,” Messer said.

Donnelly also supported Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal which lifted sanctions, giving Iran a pass to develop its nuclear program and freeing up $150 billion in assets that could be used to fund terrorism efforts around the globe.

“Thankfully, President Trump has been unswayed by his political critics, like Warren and Donnelly, in implementing his strategy in North Korea,” Messer said. “I applaud the President, and, like every American, am hopeful it leads to peace.”

Late last week, President Trump announced it would meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un after the regime signaled it would be willing to discuss disarming its nuclear capabilities.

Messer has said if North Korea disarms, President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.