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luke messer campaign

Messer to Donnelly: Support Pompeo, Lead Swift Confirmation in the Senate

INDIANAPOLIS (Tuesday, March 13, 2018) – Luke Messer today called on Senator Joe Donnelly to support President Trump’s new nominee for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and lead his swift confirmation in the Senate.

“Mike Pompeo is an excellent choice to serve as Secretary of State during a critical time for our national security, and he should be quickly confirmed, ” Messer said. “Senator Joe Donnelly and his fellow Democrats in the Senate have delayed hundreds of President Trump’s appointments. Our national security must come before partisan games. That’s why I’m calling on Senator Donnelly to support Pompeo and show his ‘effectiveness’ by ending Democrat obstruction and pushing the Senate toward a swift confirmation.”

The Senate is taking an average of 81 days to confirm President Trump’s appointments, longer than any President’s in recent history. Nearly 200 appointments have yet to be confirmed by the Senate more than a year into the President’s term, according to the Washington Post tracker. Part of Messer’s Senate reform plan includes speeding up the Presidential confirmation process.

Late last week, President Trump announced unprecedented progress in diplomatic negotiations with North Korea, with North Korea signaling for the first time a willingness to discuss disarming its nuclear capabilities.

Messer has said President deserves the Nobel Peace Prize if North Korea disarms.