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Messer: “When President Trump Needs Our Support, Todd Rokita Votes No, No, No”

INDIANAPOLIS (Monday, April 9, 2018) – Luke Messer today blasted Todd Rokita for his record of voting against President Trump’s agenda.

“Todd Rokita runs around the state wearing a MAGA hat but when President Trump needs his support on the tough votes, Todd Rokita votes No, No, No,” Messer said. “I support the President’s agenda, and I have the record to prove it.”

In Congress, Messer has the highest Trump rating of his primary opponents, 92.8%compared to Rokita’s 90.0%. Rokita has a record of voting against the President on key agenda items, including:

Todd Rokita was recently exposed for negative comments he made about Trump in 2016, calling him “vulgar, if not profane.”

“(Rokita) An Indiana Senate candidate who carries a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump to campaign rallies…called the eventual president “vulgar, if not profane” in a little-noticed 2016 interview.” — Associated Press