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Luke Messer

Momentum Grows… Another Straw Poll Victory!

INDIANAPOLIS (Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018) – Luke Messer has won another U.S. Senate straw poll, again coming out ahead of his five primary opponents.

The straw poll was conducted by the Grassroots Conservatives in Bloomington, Indiana, on Jan. 25th after one of Messer’s primary opponents, Andrew Horning, spoke to the organization. Below are results of the straw poll released by Grassroots Conservatives this week:

  1.  Luke Messer, 20-4 = 16 pts
  2.  Andrew Horning , 17-3 = 14 pts
  3.  Todd Rokita, 10-9 = 1 pt
  4.  Mark Hurt, 4-4 = 0 pts
  5.  Andrew Takami, 1-5 = -4 pts
  6.  Mike Braun, 3-9 = -6 pts

The straw poll was conducted using a point system in which each YES vote was 1 point and each NO vote was -1 point.

Grassroots Conservatives has conducted four U.S. Senate straw polls, with Messer winning three out of the four. Messer spoke to Grassroots Conservatives in December, and since then he’s consistently been the groups’ favored candidate.

“Grassroots Conservatives were impressed with Rep. Luke Messer’s answers to more than an hour of tough questions on national issues,” said Grassroots Conservatives leader Robert Hall after Messer’s first straw poll win.  “We liked that he sponsored a bill to get rid of a loophole that illegal immigrants use to receive tax credits. And he voted against the $1 trillion Omnibus spending bill in May 2017 that failed to cut domestic spending as proposed by the Trump administration. I feel he is a solid conservative and has the best chance to replace Joe Donnelly as U.S. Senator.”

Earlier this month, Messer won a decisive victory in the Indiana Republican Party’s U.S. Senate Straw Poll, coming in 20 points ahead of his five primary opponents. This State Party’s Straw Poll has been called the first major bellwether of the U.S. Senate primary.

Messer also led his primary opponents in an IndyPolitics poll on the Indiana U.S. Senate race.

“Hoosiers are choosing Luke because they know he’s the candidate who will defeat Democrat Joe Donnelly, fix the broken U.S. Senate and pass the Trump-Pence agenda,” Messer Campaign Manager Chasen Bullock said.