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Mythbusting: Get the Facts

mythbustersYou’ve heard these myths about the U.S. Senate race. Now get the facts.


senate race myth busted Myth #1: All Republican candidates support President Trump.

The Truth The Truth: Luke Messer has the highest “Trump Support” rating of any candidate in the race.


senate race myth busted Myth #2: We have three strong conservatives running for U.S. Senate in Indiana.

The Truth The Truth: Only one candidate has been a consistently strong conservative — Luke Messer.


senate race myth busted Myth #3: All Republican candidates will fight for lower taxes.

The Truth The Truth: Only one candidate — Luke Messer — Never voted for a tax increase, helped pass President Trump’s tax cuts, and does not support raising taxes.



senate race myth busted Myth #4: All Republicans in the race have high conservative ratings.

The Truth The Truth: Luke Messer is the only candidate with a 97% score from Americans for Prosperity, “A” Rating from America Conservative Union, “A” from the National Rifle Association, AND 100% from the National Right to Life Organization.


senate race myth busted Myth #5: All Republicans in the race are strong on Immigration.

The Truth The Truth: Only Luke Messer stands strong in saying ‘No’ to Amnesty and ‘Yes’ to building the wall.