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Luke Messer

POLITICO: House bill would expand 529s to homeschoolers

Indiana Rep. Luke Messer, a Republican, has introduced a bill (H.R. 4862 (115)) that would allow homeschool families to save for education expenses in tax-advantaged “529” college savings accounts.

The expansion of 529s for K-12 use in the Republican tax reform plan at one point included homeschooled students. But a last-minute ruling by the Senate parliamentarian effectively struck out the provision, saying it constituted “extraneous matter” and violated the chamber’s Byrd rule.
Messer’s proposal would allow families to use savings in 529 accounts to pay for curriculum materials, books and online resources. Families could also use the funds to pay for tutors who are not related to the student, dual enrollment and educational therapy.

“It’s unfair that Senate Democrats targeted homeschool families in their endless attempts to block President Trump’s tax cut plan,” Messer said in a statement. “Our legislation will make sure the 40,000 Hoosier children who are homeschooled have the same opportunities and resources that every other student has.”