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Luke Messer

Senate is Broken, Joe Donnelly Is Part of the Problem

Donnelly Recently Named Least Effective Legislator

INDIANAPOLIS — Congressman Luke Messer released the below statement today in response to a new Center for Effective Lawmaking study that names Senator Joe Donnelly the least effective legislator.

Carried out by professors at University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University, the study calculated Legislative Effectiveness Scores for members of the Senate during the 114th Congress (2015-2016), and found Donnelly to be the least effective member of his party, ranking dead last.

“Hoosiers deserve a Senator who works for them and gets results,” Messer said. “The Senate is broken, and Joe Donnelly is a big part of the problem. At home, Joe says he’s fighting for Hoosiers. But when he’s in DC, he’s standing lockstep with Senate Democrats to obstruct the President’s agenda. Joe’s not voting with Hoosiers, and he’s not delivering results.”

According to the study, during the 114th Congress, Donnelly introduced fewer bills than any of his colleagues, only two of his bills received any “action in committee” and none advanced through committee. He was similarly ranked during the 113th Congress.

“This is the real Joe Donnelly, and it’s time for Hoosiers to get to know him,” said Messer Campaign Manager Chasen Bullock.

Messer has a positive ranking by the Center for Effective Lawmaking for the 114th Congress, authoring 20 substantive bills and recently getting two passed in the House.