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VIDEO: Luke Messer Calls on Donnelly to Vote with Hoosiers on Tax Cuts

INDIANAPOLIS (Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017) — Luke Messer today called on Senator Joe Donnelly to stand with Hoosiers and support the President’s tax cut plan.
Yesterday, Senator Donnelly joined liberal Democrats in the Senate, including Chuck Schumer, signaling he would oppose the President’s plan.
Luke Messer released the following VIDEO urging Donnelly to support the President’s plan and give Hoosiers a tax cut.
“This is an important moment for our country. There is momentum to pass President Trump’s tax cut plan and give working Hoosiers a raise,” Messer says in the video. “And Senator Joe Donnelly is standing in the way.”
Luke Messer Calls on Donnelly to Vote with Hoosiers on Tax Cuts
“Hoosiers pay far too much in federal taxes. We need a simple and fair tax code that cuts taxes for middle class Hoosiers, brings back jobs from overseas and gets our economy moving. That’s what the President’s plan does,” Messer says.
Senator Donnelly has voted against tax cuts for Hoosiers at least 30 times. He was also the deciding vote against the President’s plan to repeal Obamacare.
“If I was your Senator, President Trump would have my support and we’d pass tax cuts for Hoosiers today. Working families deserve it,” Messer says. “Senator Donnelly needs to do the right thing… vote YES for tax cuts and give Hoosier families the pay raise they deserve.”
Messer’s full video statement can be found here.