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What They Are Saying: IN Sen Debate; Messer “gave the best performance of the night”

On Luke Messer

“It was good to see [Messer] give a strong performance. I think he gave the best performance of the night.” Tony Katz on WIBC

Messer leads in Indy Politics’s Abdul-Hakim Shabazz debate Twitter Poll.

“Messer was the first to remind viewers of [Joe Donnelly], saying in his response to the first question that Trump is handling the situation in Syria better than did ‘Joe Donnelly’s president.'” Indy Star

“Messer spent his closing statements saying he’s a clear choice for voters over Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly.” WANE TV

“Messer called Braun a lifelong Democrat and accused Rokita of voting against Trump on hard issues.” IBJ

On Mike Braun

“Yeah we get it you’re an outsider, it’s not enough. You need to start answering questions.” Tony Katz on WIBC

Most of the barbs on Sunday were aimed at Braun, a wealthy businessman who has poured millions of dollars of his own money into the race.” Indy Star

“I’ll give you the line of the night…it goes to Luke Messer, who was talking to Mike Braun, who kept calling himself an outsider, and Luke Messer said to him, ‘If you’re outside anything you’re outside the Republican Party. It was a very strong line.” Tony Katz on WIBC

“Messer, taking advantage of Braun’s noting that he also went to Harvard Business School, retorted: ‘Hoosiers can understand that a Harvard Democrat is not a very likely person to stand up for conservative values for Hoosiers in Washington.'” Indy Star

“Braun was also asked about a recent IndyStar story that found during his short tenure as a state lawmaker, he worked to reduce taxes and regulations on the timber industry, which could have benefited him as one of the state’s largest private timber land owners.” Indy Star

On Todd Rokita

“Let me give you a massive faux pas from Congressman Rokita… Did Todd Rokita just say that President Trump was duped? You want to be the Trump guy…you gotta be the Trump guy.” Tony Katz on WIBC

“Rokita also responded to questions about his ethics after an Associated Press storylast week revealed that state GOP leaders locked him out of the party’s donor database after accessing it from his government office as Indiana’s secretary of state. Without disputing any specific facts in the story, Rokita called it ‘fake news.'” Indy Star

I associate myself with Mr. Messer.” Todd Rokita