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Will Joe stand with Hoosiers?

Joe Donnelly joined Vice President Mike Pence in Anderson today, in another attempt to convince Hoosiers he stands with them.

Joe wants Hoosiers to believe he supports the President and his tax cut plan, but the truth is Joe’s voted at least 30 times in Congress AGAINST tax cuts for working Hoosiers.

“Joe Donnelly has an unfortunate pattern. He tells Hoosiers one thing in Indiana, and then most often, does the opposite in DC when he thinks no one’s watching,” Congressman Luke Messer said. “But Hoosiers are watching now. Joe Donnelly needs to do the right thing, listen to the Hoosiers who sent him to Washington, and give them the tax cut they want and need.”

Earlier this week, Donnelly said he feels “no pressure” to support President Trump’s tax cut plan. Messer commented link saying “Make no mistake, Joe Donnelly IS feeling the pressure, and he may be forced to do something he doesn’t want to do… give Hoosiers a tax cut.”

“Joe Donnelly is the ultimate politician. But even he will struggle to straddle both sides of this one,” said Chasen Bullock, campaign manager for Messer’s US Senate campaign. “Will Joe vote for working Hoosiers or vote with his liberal campaign donors from New York and Hollywood? If we can keep the pressure up, my guess is we force Joe to cave and give Hoosiers the tax cut they deserve.”

Messer also joined Vice President Pence in Anderson today, throwing his full support behind the President Trump’s tax cut plan. Messer recently wrote an link op-ed in the Indianapolis Star applauding the President’s tax cut plan.